It is common among all the artists of the world; be they musicians or persons of some other artistic pursuit; that they wish most their work be ‘played’, seen, ‘liked’ the world over and widely applauded.


Among musicians, Mixcloud is popular for the reason that their music uploaded on it is instantly shared at other social media sites ensuring big exposure in the music world with a growing audience base. Buy Mixcloud plays service and get more exposure for our tracks easily.



















Legally engaged in all types of music promotion, Mixcloud is a London-based startup which though came up of late but became choicest among the musicians for their music promotion.

How do I get my mix heard on Mixcloud?


It all starts with uploading of his favorite and best crafted musical number by the musician on Mixcloud. Sharing of the upload on other social media sites should be managed towards enlarging audience base and generating the huge number of Mixcloud ‘plays’ which is the main pointer towards getting popular, widely ‘liked’ and appreciated. The upload page should have been mentioned with the URL of the musician, posted on his one nicely posed photo and a brief write-up about himself.

The number of Mixcloud ‘plays’, is the digital display on the music upload page beside the ‘play’ icon.


It goes manually that the musician ‘plays’ up Mixcloud uploaded music by his favorite or some upcoming musician by pressing on the ‘play’ icon on the upload page. While playing up the music and enjoying the same, his URL is displayed on the upload page of the other musician who, in reciprocation and out of curiosity presses on his URL opening the upload page and presses ‘play’ icon to ‘play’ up his music, instantly adding up to the existing number of ‘plays’ of the musician.

Buy Real Mixcloud Plays for Tracks Promotion


Thus the number of Mixcloud ‘plays’ grows up to indicate and impress upon the audience that he is getting popular and he is having his own expanding fan following.


This manually managed number of Mixcloud ‘plays’ cannot be said to be sufficient to take the musician on to the world highs of popularity and to win up Global applaud aiming which he opted to upload his music on Mixcloud.


Buying Mixcloud ‘plays’ from a genuine service providing company can do dream-come-true work for the musician to provide long-life and high performing and the sustainable real number of ‘plays’. It is cautioned not to avail any such service from a fake company which can put the musician in big losses of time and money by providing short-span and almost non-performing Mixcloud ‘plays’.


We are a Genuine Service Providing Company at Mixlikes making available Mixcloud ‘plays’ in aforesaid qualities and promising well-built and long-lasting personal and professional relationships. 


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Why You Need Buy Mixcloud Plays for Your Tracks?

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